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Be Careful What You Wish For
Hey everyone!

It's been a while since the last update - but not because we have been
idling, quite the contrary. We are working hard on a couple of
interesting projects, and we'll tell you more about them a little later.
If you are impatiently waiting for this year's tour dates, you'll also
have to wait just a little bit longer... But meanwhile, here's some
great news for you!

Phoenix Effect's debut album out February 18th - preorder now!

While waiting for the next Poets of the Fall album, check out Phoenix
Effect and their debut Cyanide Skies, which will be out February 18th!
The members of POTF have been heavily involved in making of the album,
and you can even catch Marko & Olli visiting in a couple of songs! The
album is released by Poets of the Fall's Insomniac label.

Listen, watch, and enjoy:

You can already preorder the album from the official Phoenix Effect
webshop - act fast!

New webshop & new products

Our webshop has been completely redesigned to make your shopping
experience even more comfortable! We also have some new products in
stock, like the ultra-cool Morpho badges. Welcome!


You Know My Name & D4T on iTunes

You can now get POTF's rocking studio live versions of You Know My Name
and Diamonds for Tears from iTunes as individual downloads. If you have
managed to avoid them so far, open your iTunes now!

The Project

Some time ago we asked you to send us your POTF stories and memories for
our Project. Our Project Team is still working hard to go through all
the material - they were really overwhelmed by the amount of good stuff
they received. It is going to take a while before the Project moves to
the next stage, but we'll keep you informed!

That's all folks, but we'll be back in your inbox sooner than you
know... until then, take care!


Marko, Olli & Captain

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